“Welcome to my web presence, this site is still under construction” – a web master of the 90’s

Who does not remember this sentence, along with an animated .gif of a stick-man with a shovel, that was blinking from every web site in the 90’s? But as anachronistic it may be, it describes very well the contents of this site: it covers me (Tobias) and my work (research in computational intelligence in games) and both (kind of) are still considered “work in progress”.

While this page was iniTobias Mahlmanntially a blog dedicated to my adventures in Denmark when I moved abroad, I recently converted it into a research page that yields information about my various research projects and publications. This way, the page may be more interesting and useful more international visitors who I don’t know personally, or who are not interested in German-Danish cultural differences. But if you’re really interested, the original (German) blog posts are still around somewhere.

In any case, if you find anything on this page that sparks your interest, feel free to send me an email: t.mahlmann@gmail.com or on Mastodon